Harnessing the power of an integrated social media strategy to tell a unique brand story.

    Urbany's Social Media

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Urbany's has managed to make its mark in the fashion accessories market in an impressive way. But as can be seen in most industries today, portable accessories suppliers also face the challenge of a diverse and oversaturated market. 

So how can a brand still prevail in today's media overstimulation?


Content is key - but content is by no means just beautiful photos, videos or visuals. Based on a storytelling strategy with clearly defined content pillars, the social media management of Urbany's channels builds on the brand's strong identity and focused urban target group. 

Pre-planning in the form of a social media strategy allows for the use of multidisciplinary content to tell a continuous story about the urban lifestyle that spans all of the brand's consumer touchpoints. The trick is to strengthen Urbany's brand by striking a balance between two key premises: trend awareness and timelessness.

A mix between product and lifestyle content also allows the company to showcase the element that arguably defines the Urbany's brand the most, in addition to what it has to offer: The diversity of different people who see value in Urbany's product range.