Stereo Luchs


Ide Strass


Music Video — Film & Photography


Something that began for Stereo Luchs many years ago at the turntable in Zurich's Kreis 3 grew into a considerable discography over the years and made him a national music legend.

With dancehall and reggae influences, Stereo Luchs creates his own genre and records signature tracks. In 2021, his third album "Stereo Luchs" is released. "Ide Strass" ft. Phenomden would become one of his most successful drops. Crossing generations, he moves his audience with atmospheric melodies, genuine lyrics and a vibe that sticks.


Alongside Stereo Luchs, we were led across the country during the festival season. Hundreds of thousands let the ground shake to old and new songs.

Many wild club shows and summery main stages later, this musical year can be summed up in the music video for "Ide Strass". An evening, a reunion without sorrows - that's what this track is about, which is destined for live music. Cinematic work between stage light and crowd euphoria, between lyricism and atmospheric scenes in the strobe light result in a music video that makes us missing warm days of celebration.



Production: Marty—Trezzini

DoP: Tim Rüegg & Emil Maeder

Photography: Gianluca Trezzini

Editor: Emil Maeder