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Back in 2017, the Swiss mobility company Micro Mobility Systems presented the concept of its Mircolino at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then, there has been great interest in the electric city vehicle, with 27,000 pre-orders for the Microlino to date.

Launched as a limited edition, their "Pioneer Series" is dedicated to those whom have supported the idea of the Microlino from the outset and believed in the innovative capabilities of the brand’s electric city racer. To make waves for the launch of the Microlino Pioneer Series the company challenged us to communicate this new era of urban mobility.


The Microlino Pioneer Series is innovative and daring — both in design and build. This deserves a bold commercial to make waves among Microlino’s global community.  

The commerical reveals the strikingly modern design of the Microlino Pioneer Series, which is launched full throttle into a new era of mobility — an ode to those who helped bring the Microlino to life: the true pioneers.


Agency: Marty—Trezzini

Production: Marty—Trezzini x Farbfilm Studio

Producer: Gianluca Trezzini & Flo Brunner

Director: Yves Marty

DoP: Jonas Steinbacher

Photographer: Joan Minder

Production Manager: Yanik Zollinger

Gaffer: Niculin Felix

1st AC: Tim Rüegg

Colorgrading: Andrea Gòmez/ S EC Studio

Sound Design: Levi Giger