For 20 years you have opened your doors to us. It’s time to say thank you.

    20 Years Delivery

    Ad Campaign — Film, Photography, Copywriting— OOH, DOOH, Online, Social, Print


For 20 years, LILY’S has been delighting loyal and new customers with its Asian food delivery service. Just like the classic LILY’S dishes, their pintos have become iconic, keeping orders warm until they get to your door.

At the heart of this success story lies trust - the trust of countless LILY’S fans that invite us into their homes daily to spoil them with culinary delights.


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of LILY’S Delivery, our campaign turns its focuses to the customers that have been inviting LILY’S into their homes for the past 20 years. The multichannel campaign spans various online, social, print and OOH channels, capturing the various expressions of true LILY’S Delivery enthusiasts - each representing the emotional sensation evoked by LILY’S iconic food delivery service.

At the heart of the campaign is a data-based evaluation of LILY’S most popular delivery orders according to location. This allowed for a purpose-driven creative concept and a targeted distribution of campaign assets — delivered with a touch of humour and guided by the tagline: “For 20 years you have opened your doors to us. It’s time to say thank you.”


    Agency: Marty—Trezzini

    Production: Marty—Trezzini

    Director: Yves Marty

    DoP: Tim Rüegg

    Photographer: Gianluca Trezzini

    Gaffer: Aurelio Ghirardelli

    1st AC: Emil Maeder

    Copywriting: Yves Marty & Romina Häner

    VFX: Das alte Lager