Johnson & Johnson

A social experiment on how going beyond our first impressions can transform awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion into conscious actions.

    First Impressions

    Image Campaign — Film & Photography — Web, Social, OOH


The values of diversity, equity and inclusion are not only part of the corporate culture at the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, but are also actively promoted in the company’s day-to-day work culture.

Together with Johnson & Johnson and Wirz, we developed a campaign on the topic of “Unconcious Bias”. The campaign is centered around a social experiment designed to show how accurate our first impressions about people really are.


We go through life thinking we know the people sitting next to us in meetings or smiling at us in the hallway. But do we know who they really are? Our host Alexandra Maurer leads 16 Johnson & Johnson employees through the social experiment "First Impressions".

How well can we judge our work colleagues at first glance? And what happens when we look beyond a person's first impression? The campaign in collaboration with Wirz tackles the conceptions and judgements held by many and provides an open exchange among all.



    Agency: Wirz

    Production: Marty—Trezzini

    Director: Yves Marty

    DoP: Nino Michel & Tim Rüegg

    Photographer: Gianluca Trezzini

    Gaffer: Oliver Muff

    1st AC: Cyrille Gsell

    Art Direction: Romina Häner

    Sound Design: Martin Scheuter