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Coffee consumption worldwide is skyrocketing, and consumers' expectations are higher than ever. When it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee outside the comfort of home, customers crave an unforgettable experience. But here's the hitch: the gastronomy industry is facing a worldwide shortage of skilled baristas.

That's where Franke comes in with their game-changing product category BeyondTraditional. By blending cutting-edge concepts, technologies, and design, Franke delivers solutions that go beyond industry standards. And the first masterpiece in this category? The remarkable Mytico coffee machine line - a true tribute to the art of coffee, where excellence is found in the smallest detail.


Together with Franke Coffee Systems and its creative agency Kunde & Co, we support the BeyondTraditional campaign through captivating visuals, a compelling commercial, and various content assets featuring the designer of Mytico and their brand ambassador, a renowned barista. At the heart of it all lies the essence of Mytico: the unparalleled fusion of design, technology, and exceptional coffee enjoyment.



Agency: Kunde & Co

Production: Marty—Trezzini

Producer: Gianluca Trezzini

Director: Yves Marty

DoP: Jonas Steinbacher

Gaffer: David Frauenknecht

1st AC: Tim Rüegg

Best Boy: Emil Maeder

Styling Main: Jennifer Tschugmell

Styling Extras: Romina Häner

Hair & Make-up: Linda Belkahla

Colorgrading: Simon Hardegger

Sound Design: Levi Giger